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dreamyexpression asked:

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Bellatrix sighed. “Look at me. I’m short and a useless squib. Bellatrix don’t do that. Why can’t you just hug people?”

Anonymous asked: do you ship bellamione?

ooc: People can ship what they want. It’s fiction.That said, I don’t because it makes me uncomfortable on multiple levels.

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lionhearteddaughter asked: Are you kidding me? Except for the fact that I know you're a huge sweetheart, I would be concerned that you actually are Bella. You don't put anything but the best in your efforts to rp. You play such a wide variety of people I don't even know how you manage it. The charactization is flawless. Honestly kinda scares me a little lol.

ooc: Aw. *Hufflepuff hug* <3<3 Thank you.

And yes, Bellatrix is annoyed at me, but I don’t care. 

severus-gerard-augusto asked: "Did you know falling asleep on your hand hurts sometimes?"

"Did you know I don’t care for useless comments?"

severus-gerard-augusto asked: "My words have purpose. I say them on purpose. See right there. Purpose."

"You just say sometimes you just ‘say stuff.’ That doesn’t sound very purposeful to me."

lestrangebynature asked: You'd look good in a shimmering black feather boa, love.

Yes, but you’d think I’d look good in anything. 

severus-gerard-augusto asked: "Hey listen here the necks victim pun is almost as flawless as I am. How could not- I just-" he shook his head strutting away. ((Iamsosorryforhim))

"So, incredibly and extremely flawed, then?" Bellatrix arched a brow.

mrsnarcissamalfoy-to-you asked: YOU BELONG TO ME

"…I don’t belong to anyone, Cissy. I am your sister. I don’t think that’s the same as being a thing that can be owned."

wolflicked asked: "Well people do like ta talk. I think I've only met one other person whose rap was as crazy as yours. He's still in my head, but tha's another matter. What I really wan' ta know is, what happens when dark wizards mess up?" As soon as she said it, Wolf realised it wasn't a very well worded inquiry.

"Is he?" said Bellatrix without a hint of genuine interest. "If that was a threat,it is a poor one…" Bellatrix folded her arms. "I’m a witch. And I find the term ‘dark’ to be terribly one sided. They’re called the ‘dark arts’ when the only distinction is the people who choose to use them are usually the ones who are trying to expand and push the limits of what we can do with our power."

wolflicked asked: "Ehm, jus' wanted ta know who ya are. It's my job ta dig. Or rather, my side job. More like a hobby. Oh well, I did. And it was in'eresting." Wolf smirked.

"I’ll assume it was. People seem to enjoy talking about me whether I’ve done something or not…And they like to exaggerate just as eagerly."