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13 cancelled tv shows I continue to cry over (x)

11. Caprica (2010) - Cancelled after 1 Season
“Human beings value life. That’s one of the main things that makes us slightly more evolved than animals, understanding the value of life.” - Dr. Daniel Graystone

"There’s far too much going on behind those pretty lashes."The Wings of the Dove (1997).

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A letter from a worried Narcissa to her sister Bellatrix, when she was imprisoned after the first Wizarding War.

The truth is painful | @bellatheloyalwarrior


That hurt.  Bellatrix made Narcissa feel like all she was was shallow and superficial…which technically had more than a bit of truth to it.  ”You can go anywhere you want, too.  Change your name, change your…” She was about to say ‘change your looks’ but that would render more on the shallow side once again.  She never asked her sister how she really felt.  What she really wanted.  Narcissa couldn’t understand.  ”What makes you think I can manage knowing that you’re not okay?”

"Go where? My name has never been the problem. This is the only thing has made sense to me. Now that I know I can never be what our parents want…" Or give Rodolphus what he wants. “It’s what I have.”  She was arguing again. Why did she always end up in rows? She’d  wanted to paint today and not think about any of this. Narcissa asked why Bellatrix thought she could manage when she knew her sister wasn’t okay. “You’re going to have to, Cissy, this isn’t something easily fixed. And I don’t imagine I’ll be okay any time soon. You are my sister and I will support whatever you want to do with your life. But make sure it’s what you want not anyone else.”

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The truth is painful | @bellatheloyalwarrior


She shrugged.  ”You could always compel someone to approve the paperwork for you if you so choose,” Narcissa suggested.  In theory, it could work.  To have someone Imperiused so that Bellatrix could keep a child.  Anything to make her happy, right?  ”Well, in any case, we can convince them that you’re a…you would be a good provider,” the blonde nodded.  ”You have lots of room to spare and you’re wealthy.  You could always adopt overseas.”

"I imagine I could.But that’s a bit like cheating, isn’t it? Not that it matters." The only thing she had gained by being herself was part of the Death Eaters and Rodolphus. Though, she reflected that those two achievements were quite significant. It simply proved her point that trying to be society’s version of perfect was pointless. "Sure, I could provide. That’s never been an issue. The fact remains I would be a terrible mother. The only silver lining for any child of mine would be Rodolphus."