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Anonymous asked: Do you think Bellatrix's life would be different if she never married rodolphus?

Yes. I think she would be lonelier. The only thing she’d have important in her life would be the Cause and Narcissa. Bellatrix had a partner in Rodolphus.

Voldemort was never her equal and her love was unrequited. With Rodolphus, she might not have loved him in the way he deserved, but she respected his skills in duelling. And I don’t think Bellatrix Lestrange would’ve fought alongside someone she didn’t consider her equal. 

Anonymous asked: When did you realize you could tolerate marriage?

She broke my family. It was suppose to be the two of us changing things, making it better for Cissy and other girls.And after what I did to the woman I once called sister my sixth year, I ran. I was gone for a year. I would’ve been gone longer, but I had hurt my parents and Cissy enough.I returned and finished my seventh year.

Rodolphus proposed on Christmas Eve. 

It was never about marriage itself. Loyalty and promises are things I can understand. I didn’t want to be owned or for that to be the only measure of my worth—who I married, what parties I planned, being on someone’s arm.  

And I knew with him, he wouldn’t ask me to only be those things. 

Anonymous asked: What was your first meeting with Rodolphus like?

I was wary of him, but I soon realized he wasn’t like the other boys.  It was friendship first. And for me, that was rare enough.

Anonymous asked: What was your happiest childhood memory? What was your childhood like?

We were all children and it was before Hogwarts. My sisters and I  played outside on the grounds, hidden from the adults, away from everything. It wasn’t like that later on. With expectations come restrictions. I was the oldest and so more was expected of me, but at a certain point I couldn’t bear it.And I consider the moment I decided I wanted more for myself the end of my childhood.

Anonymous asked: Do you happen to own a luxury car? I know you have the means to.

I do not own a car.

Anonymous asked: When do you hope to move out of your parents' house? (Marauder)

Marauder!Bellatrix: Officially? I’m not certain. I barely spend any time there unless Cissy is in.

Anonymous asked: What part of Rodolphus is his most redeeming feature?

He accepts me. And even though I don’t see how, he loves me.And he’s not afraid.

Anonymous asked: Do your parents spoil you immensely? Do you like it? (Marauder)

Marauder!Bellatrix: Yes, they do. Why wouldn’t I?

Anonymous asked: What kinds of things have you seen in the Room of Requirement? (Marauder)

The room of what?

ooc: I think if she had known about it. She would’ve told the Carrows. And Dumbledore’s Army would’ve been toast.

Anonymous asked: Do you think Narcissa should have kept her first child instead of panicking?

How do you know about that? She did what she felt she had to do. My feelings on the matter are irrelevant.