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I’ve been looking at this for three days in a row so I’m glad it’s done @__@ You know when you get to that point with art where you’re like, what is this even a picture of anymore? But I’m happy with it so it’s all good. This is for Nicholas’ Magical Girl sketchbook~ I got given Bellatrix Lestrange, so this is my take on her!





Know the fucking difference.

Feminism is a good thing. Some people (a loud minority of people really) who think they’re feminists are bordering on misandrists - that’s what gives feminism a bad name. They’re not feminists if they put down men while bringing up women. People who hate the feminist movement because it puts down men don’t hate feminism - they hate misandry. 

This is actually great to know. I had such a negative look on feminists (even as a woman) and it was because of the misandrists. Not the feminists.

So thank you for sharing.

This is perfect

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"I’ve not been spreading any rumors about the Malfoy family, Mrs. Lestrange. Are you certain you are in the right office?"

"No, but I’m in the right building. If you know who I am, then you know I want this handled. And if you’re not the person I need to talk to it doesn’t matter.I’ll hold you and the person who ought to be handling it responsible."

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"Of course, Auntie. I must say, he lacks the style we Blacks and Malfoys have, and I’ve been mostly helping him with that. If I’m going to even suggest moving her anywhere, it has to be nice. But since more people are moving here, I think she’d like a nice place to rest after a day’s work," Draco explained away.

"No one can match Narcissa’s elegance."She wasn’t a Malfoy. She was a Black and a Lestrange. She may not understand what she feels for her hsuband, but if she hadn’t respected his abilities or him as a person she never would’ve taken his name. Pureblood tradition be damned. "Still, don’t presume to know what she’d like. Ask her."

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"He can be useful here with you if you’d let him."  Narcissa pressed her lips together.  What did she know about love?  She was the one with the impending marriage.  Bellatrix was the one who already was living in one.

Sighing, she fisted her hands and rested her elbows on the back of one of the stuffed chairs, her head atop her hands.  ”Do you two talk much when he comes back?  What do you do when you’re actually, like, together?  And you never told me much about your honeymoon, either.”  Then again, Narcissa realized she’d never really asked.

"I never said he couldn’t be useful here, but I don’t need to be coddled.The world doesn’t stop turning because you get hurt."  

Bellatrix  inspected her paints and paintbrushes. The two of them hadn’t talked about this much. They’d both been busy. “We talk. We bicker. I hear that comes with a marriage…What do you want me to say? We have moonlit walks in the garden on Tuesdays?” It may have happened once or twice. Of course, they may have also been exhausted after a mission. Actually, both scenarios had happened. “Honeymoon? What do you think happened on our honeymoon?”


Game Over

Margaretta has a really bad habit of murdering me whenever I encounter her in my dreams. Since my dreams are extremely vivid, it can be incredibly scary meeting up with her in a dark place. Having experienced several encounters of this nature, it has given me a healthy respect for what Mar does and how she does it. Trust me when I say that she is an expert at what she does, despite her size.




bellatheloyalwarrior said: What kind of purgatory plotline?


your supernatural verse has Bella as a demon, yes?  We could do something where Bella stumbles upon the door between hell and purgatory or plans to go there for some reason? Or maybe Adri plans to access hell through purgatory or something?

Maybe it’s Bella’s job to try and stop her?

sure! :D That sounds great!

Awesome sauce.

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I forgot about the episode with Sam as the Impala.


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