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i am one hell of a woman and you should all be fucking terrified of me

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Seeing someone you think you’ve hit before.

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Put ‘Claimed’ in my ask box and I’ll use a number generator to decide what you get:

  1. A kiss
  2. A steamy kiss
  3. Me for one night
  4. A slap to the face
  5. A confession
  6. Me for two nights
  7. A harsh insult
  8. An angry/jealous text
  9. Drunk voice mail
  10. 4 days with me chained to their side
  11. A hug
  12. A pat on the back
  13. A kitten
  14. Up to mun

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slytheringamma asked: Age 45: Biggest fear?

I fear nothing.It’s a useless emotion.I don’t have time for it. I wasted too much of my life in Azkaban.I’m never going back.

Having to face Andy. She’ll never forgive me for Sirius.

(ooc:Bellatrix died at 47. That’s book 7. So two-three years before that 45 or 46 ish she killed Sirius.)

slytheringamma asked: Age 15: biggest fear?

*poof! 15 year old Bellatrix*

I’m not afraid of anything.Blacks persevere.

That I’m right. Andy shouldn’t be hanging around with those people.  It’ll ruin everything. She’ll be a burn in the tapestry and I’ll never be able to call her sister again.

The truth is painful | @bellatheloyalwarrior


She looked back at Bellatrix when the mention of “the other kind of meeting” was spoken of.  By this time, Narcissa was fully aware of who the Death Eaters were and what they did.  And the fact that Bellatrix got seriously injured because of being a part of that group didn’t make her any more good-willed toward it.  ”It’s nice to know that he’s able to take care of a business.  Or at least I hope so.  What’s the label of the bottle?  I want to try it.”  This being said while she still had a full glass in her hand.

"He’s quite capable,yes. There should be some in the cabinet. Uh, the French ones. All of them…" Bellatrix licked her lips and her eyes wandered to the cabinet. A glass of wine sounded much better than the disgusting gunk she’d swallowed earlier. "Let’s talk about something else.There has to be something else we can talk about." Though, she knew much of her life did revolve around the Cause. That was unlikely to change any time soon—especially now that her other "duty" was no longer likely to be fulfilled.

A Proposition |Avery Tilden



Had she asked all her questions? No, but she was suddenly exhausted. Keeping up pleasantries with Bella was taking its toll. It seemed it didn’t matter who she was around, they were badgering her. Questioning her abilities, telling her how weak she was. How useless. It was taking its toll. She wasn’t built for this. Her mind was always her weapon. Now she was a monster, and everyone expected her to act as such.

She sighed heavily, it had been months since she’d seen Barty. Avery wasn’t sure how long he’d be punished, let alone when she’d see him again. When she did, she’d have to throw this in his face, but maybe it would make him slightly more agreeable. ” When he comes back, I’ll talk to him. “

She hadn’t outright asked anyone for help in years. It was a strange. The very act was giving up control of a situation. She could tilt her nose up as much as she wanted, but Tilden knew if there was any way around having to ask she would’ve much rather chosen that route. Tilden sighed and Bellatrix couldn’t quite read her expression. And Occulmency on vampires wasn’t something she wanted to experiment with when she needed this one on her side.

"See that you do. I’ll be in touch,"said Bellatrix. 

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bellatheloyalwarrior asked: "So, how are we feeling? Did he give you all your marbles back?"



Confused…what year is it? I was born minus marbles bells. Perfectly ready for a shit storm..

"He wouldn’t, I’m precious cargo…" he paused for a few moments before adding to the tail end of his sentence. "For being a psychotic nut to the right people." His expression changed from blank to a quizzical look as Bellatrix rhymed off everything that had happened, he’d definitely missed much it was almost disappointing. "Shame for him I’m sure he’s disappointed, the dark lord would have done better… At least he was more entertaining".

"No one thinks you’re precious,"said Bellatrix. Those who did were dead. His mother and that house elf and…Bellatrix wasn’t sure if she should could Tilden. "The Dark Lord would’ve had a more assertive plan.Charm is fine…up to a point. But I don’t think he has the pulse of the people. Unlike Decartes, I don’t believe it’s possible to clean slate everything and simply start a new foundation of knowledge. Old biases die hard."

Pick an age or point on the character’s timeline, and ask a question. The character will respond as the age.

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