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Curiosity Kills, Potter |owanaminapotter |WR Verse


Owana was now blocked in all directions by, quite literately, a ring of fire. It’s intense heat drew sweat onto her skin and if she moved too far in any direction, she’d feel the burning start. Her heart pounded but she tried to keep her breathing steady. Miraculously, despite the roaring of the fire she could still hear Lestrange talking to her, taunting her. She tried to tune the woman out, ignoring the words that were bringing back memories and thoughts she longed to bury forever.

But something intrigued her - Reporter boy? - Lestrange clearly thought Lee was still dead. Owana felt a little rush of victory. Surely that would work in their favour.

As the fire inched closer Owana realized she needed to talk and fast.

"What’s the point of all this? What, are you bored? Is that what it is? What the hell are you trying to gain?” 

"The point? This isn’t a storybook, child." Bellatrix’s grip on her wand tightened. "I won’t monologue a grand scheme. There’s no pleasure in that for anyone. And no, I’m not bored. I’m a little disappointed, though. You’re so very predicable." 

The younger Death Eater giggled at Owana’s last question.”Shall I answer, madam?”

"Go head."

"At the moment, we’re gaining you, Potter.” The younger woman grinned toothily.Bellatrix pushed the flames back, widening the playing field just a little.

"But first, I think we should dance.There isn’t much room to where you’re going."She held a hand up and stopped the younger Death Eater from advancing.. "You can bring her in, but I’ll wear her out. It shouldn’t take long in this heat." The younger Death Eater nodded, stepped back, and Bellatrix flung hexes.

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The answer to Bellatrix’s question was, of course, yes. Yes, she was terrified of the woman. Anyone who didn’t consider her to be a threat was a fool, or not well informed at all. She was a skilled torturer and a blood-lusted murderer; having gone after many, including Kassie’s friends, she knew what she was capable of.

Instead of answering, Kassie stared back. Her gaze hard until her attention was caught by Bellatrix’s hand movements, watching the slow withdrawal of a second wand. She itched to use Expelliarmus, but she knew it’d be unwise to jump into something so hasty, especially with Bellatrix most likely expecting such a move. So she stalled, racking her mind for proper shield charms if the need came, and responded to their verbal exchange.

She swallowed but allowed her hatred to show clearly now. “Don’t worry. Our loss has you credited,” she replied, her voice coated with venom. “You and your interbred inmates.” McGonagall’s name echoed in her mind, wanting to know where their fearless professor was. “Are you holding her? McGonagall?”

"Kitty cats got your tongue, Ms. Pierce? Or are you merely impressed with true power and confidence?" She tilted her head to one side. "Do you want to know what I think? I think you’re terrified. And you should be, but you weren’t on my list to cross off today. Perhaps you’d like to leave now and run home?" She shrugged. " I can be merciful when the fancy strikes me…" 

She had been on the way to something else, but this was much more interesting. Slytherin’s errand could wait a few more minutes. She snorted at the insult. “Anger. Disgust. Fear. Yet you speak of him so formally. Does distancing yourself from it make it easier to bear?” The young woman asked about McGonagall.

"Me? If I was or if I wasn’t, why would I tell you? I could announce to the world we gutted her, but isn’t not knowing so…much…more…interesting?"She drew the sentence out to savor the effect of her words. She laughed shortly. "Or maybe she’s in hiding. Maybe I haven’t seen her. Who knows? Me. Her. Whoever’s helping or harming her. Take your pick.Multiple choice."

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"I can’t do this anymore" | @Bellatrix


True, she was just sitting on the floor, a blonde, sooty mess who could care less about the state of her position right now.  Narcissa stood up, as Bellatrix had wanted her to do.  She could hardly look her sister in the face as her gaze was focused anywhere but meeting Bella’s eyes.

"It’s off," she said.  "The wedding is off!”  With that, she choked on her sobs once more, feeling like such a failure as she held onto her sister’s hands for solace.

Oh. Bellatrix didn’t know what to do about this. She bit her lip. “Do you want me to hex some sense into him?” Narcissa still held her hands. Bellatrix untangled their hands, stepped forward, and cautiously attempted a hug with an awkward pat on the back thrown in. How long were hugs suppose to last? She’d usually let Narcissa (or Andy once upon a time) decide. Unfortunately, Narcissa wasn’t in any state to make decisions.”Kat and I could cut his hair and dye it red?”

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"It’s only for fun, Bellatrix, but of course you wouldn’t know the true meaning of it." His eyes were locked on Bellatrix’s hand as it twirled her wand. He was beginning to tense up, though he knew he shouldn’t, he needed to stay calm. "Like I just said," He replied through his teeth. "All for fun, and they are actually very useful when finding out information, because sometime people keep things from you to try and not hurt you, but doing that only makes it worse." All of George’s pent up anger was coming out at the moment, it was as if he never really knew how angry he was on the inside until he was face to face with Bellatrix. 

"I suspect we simply enjoy different things…I’ve had lots of fun. Days and nights of exquisite fun." She stopped twirling her wand. "I prefer different methods of obtaining information. If I want something, why would I be concerned about someone standing in my way getting hurt? The worst it is for them the better it is for me…That’s my kind of fun." She chuckled to herself. "I think there’s only one thing we can agree on…Jordan was lots and lots of fun, wasn’t he? Shall I describe how he screamed overwhelmed with all the fun we had together?"

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"It is now. Fix your friend’s mistake or take his punishment along with him."

Of course, ma’am Here’s the sword, we don’ need nuffin’ like that anyways. Not like we need the money, we can do jus fine with our mudblood catches.

"The Dark Lord is not responsible for your position of poverty. Your loyalty will be rewarded in due time. But if you’re impatient with him perhaps you’d prefer something now with me… I could cut out your tongue for insolence and return it to you dipped in gold”

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» 23: Dumbledore’s Army? The Order of the Phoenix? or The Death Eaters? - Death Eaters

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